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More, by design.

Acrylic Source+ is a global, award-winning POP partner that delivers comprehensive display systems for many of the world's largest companies.  Their solutions are designed to impact the buying process and drive performance across the total display landscape.

Their original marketing goal was to develop a brand strategy and complete a brand refresh across all application elements, including internal communications. Working with Red Road Agency, they went from having an outdated website and business cards to a full suite of digital, print, internal, and experiential assets. Their online footprint grew exponentially, as did their industry presence, leading to an increase in high-profile accounts and revenue growth.

With the success of the brand refresh came the addition of a sister company, Metal Source+. Today, both entities are a global leader in the custom fixture manufacturing and display design industries.

Deliverables included:

Logo + Brand Refresh

Brand Strategy and Guidelines

Business Cards / Stationery / Note Cards

Website Design and Development

Email + Social Media Marketing

Magazine and Web Advertising

Sales Collateral + Presentations

Phone and Voicemail Scripting

Product Catalogs

Product Photography and Headshots

Trade Show Strategy & Design

Creative Client Giveaways

Branded Apparel Concepts

Investor Pitch Deck

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Acrylic Source+.jpg
Acrylic Source+.jpg
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AS+ Magazine mockup.png
AS+ Merch concepts.png

Jayson Fulks  I  President + CEO at Acrylic Source+ and Metal Source+


"Amy is marketing rockstar and an absolute pleasure to work with.She is immensely talented and wicked smart. Amy is able to immerse herself into the culture of an organization to get a full understanding of who we are and it comes through in our marketing.

As well, she understands the hectic schedule of the business owners she works with and manages to get the very best out of them. I just can't say enough about how huge an asset she is to our (any) organization. Best of all our staff loves her."

Sean Clowe  I  Dynamic Sales Professional, Plastics Industry


"Amy is a natural talent. Attentive, highly skilled, and just an overall great person to work with.  Amy jumps to action when given virtually any task and performs flawlessly. I have personally seen her spend hours upon hours on certain tasks that she will not submit until perfect. Need someone to actually get the job done, on time and perfect - call Amy!"

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