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Pathway Church is on a mission to connect one more person to god’s love through  authenticity, diversity, and meaningful interactions. Founded in 1971, they are connected by a genuine love for people. They value the importance of tolerance, acceptance, and loving from a place of spirituality. 

Pathway came to Red Road Agency wanting an assessment of their digital communications efforts. We began by conducting an audit of their online properties. To do this, we had to connect and streamline a multitude of independent data sources. Upon completion of the audit, we presented a full-throttle evaluation with actionable insights and recommendations.

Armed with powerful data, we were able to create a Communications Playbook to help guide their team in their online content efforts. Additional services also included bi-weekly deep data analysis and reporting, the creation of content templates, implementation of new internal forms and processes, and team member training.

Deliverables included:

Digital Assets Audit

Analytic Analysis and Report

Communication Strategy

Audience Profiles

Team Alignment and Training

Digital Growth Strategy

Digital Communications Playbook

Content Calendar Template Development

Content Request Forms

Internal Process Consulting

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